Renewable Energy Programmes

Renewable Energy Programmes

If you wanted to find a potentially 'recession proof' skill, this would have to be it. Let's look at some facts:

By the end of this decade, 15% of all energy consumed in the UK will have to come from renewable sources.

An estimated 1million training places* will be required to meet this demand - currently there are fewer than 30,000 people working in 'Green Industries'. This is roughly 1/10th of the number in Germany, for example. And bear in mind there are nearly 30m households in the UK which represents huge potential.

It is true that we are lagging seriously behind in this vitally important area, consider these words from Chris Huhne, the Secretary for Energy and Climate Change: "In Britain, in this third industrial revolution, we will build a new economy of low carbon and clean growth."

"Like the other industrial revolutions, the low carbon revolution will be driven by entrepreneurs, the private sector, local communities, individuals and businesses, scientists and engineers, not government."

"We need to apply these principles to the challenge of changing fundamentally the way we both produce and consume energy. We need to address the state of our buildings. We have some of the oldest housing stock in Europe. Our Green Deal will transform finance for improving the energy efficiency of Britain's homes."

Renewable Energy Programmes

What this means is that there is a nationwide 'green skills' shortage across the UK and will be for several years to come in areas such as:

  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Pumps (Ground & Air)
  • Domestic Wind turbines
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Grey-water recycling

We can train and help you achieve the practical skills and certificates you'll need to work legally and safely and guide you towards a new career or even self-employment. Our training programmes are specially designed to help you qualify around existing work/home commitments and you don't need any prior knowledge to enrol. If ever you wanted to identify a 'recession proof' career, this would have to be at the top of your list.

* Source: Summit Skills

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